Artificial Nesting Devices Resolution

Florida Bluebird Society Resolution On Use of Artificial Nesting Devices In Bluebird Nest Boxes

The mission of the Florida Bluebird Society is the conservation and protection of bluebirds and other federally protected cavity nesting bird species in North America. This is accomplished in part by the collection of pertinent nesting data, such as, but not limited to, date nest completed, date first egg laid, number of eggs laid, number of eggs hatched, number of fledglings, date last nestling fledged.

A permit by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and/or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is required to handle wild birds, or possess their feathers, eggs or nests.

The Florida Bluebird Society supports the collection of such data with the least possible disturbance to the nestlings or the adult birds.
The Florida Bluebird Society opposes the use of artificial nesting devices in nest boxes. Such artificial devices encourage the unnecessary and illegal practice of removing active nests from nest boxes to facilitate nest viewing.

No individual who is an official of the Florida Bluebird Society or who represents the Florida Bluebird Society in any capacity will practice or advocate the use of artificial nesting devices in nest boxes.