Bird Emergency or Found a Baby Bird?

Generally, if you find a baby animal it is best to leave it alone. Often the animal is not orphaned and the parent may be out getting food. Never pick up baby animals and remove them from their natural environment.

Not sure what to do? Check for information on line, or call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. For a list of licensed wildlife rehabilitator in your area please visit this web site

You may also contact the North American Bluebird Society for emergency situations, they have dedicated volunteers to offer advice for emergency situations at your nestboxes for bluebirds and other native cavity-nesting birds and their young experiencing a life-threatening situation.


This line is staffed by volunteers and is intended for emergency situations only.

Examples of emergencies:

• Injured birds (adults or young) due to a suspected predator or similar situation
• Suspected abandonment of nestlings (no adult birds seen visiting the nest after several hours of observation)
• Damage or vandalism to a nestbox with nestlings or eggs
• House sparrow attack or harassment

If your situation fits any of the above circumstances, please call or text
(513) 266-4381 (during normal business hours).

Be prepared to leave the following information:

Your Name
Your location, including city/state and nestbox setting (i.e., yard, park, trail, etc.)
Your email address
Your phone number
Details of the emergency situation

A Hotline volunteer will respond to you as soon as possible. Besides contacting the NABS Hotline, you can also send us a message through our FACEBOOK page.

PLEASE NOTE: The NABS Hotline team is staffed by experienced bluebirders who are devoting their time and expertise to offer assistance in emergency situations involving native cavity-nesting birds. If your situation is deemed to be a non-emergency by our volunteers, you will be contacted by email as soon as is possible.

Examples of non-emergencies could be:

• Inquiries for general information on bluebirds and how to attract them
• Inquiries about nestboxes, where to purchase them and how to install them
• Inquiries about feeding bluebirds (i.e., mealworms, etc.)