Our Mission
Conservation and Protection

The conservation and protection of bluebirds and other federally protected cavity nesting bird species in North America through educational programs and the collection and dissemination of pertinent and relevant information.

Because there is much general information available on bluebirds, the Florida Bluebird Society will, as much as possible, focus on requirements and recommendations for this state.

Helping bluebird enthusiasts learn how to maximize their efforts in attracting and caring for bluebirds.

This includes providing the best available information on creating and maintaining a bluebird trail in Florida, whether the “trail” consists of one box or many boxes.

Dissemination of Information:
Many people throughout Florida have erected bluebird boxes or have done research on bluebirds. However, there is no central repository for the collection of this information, nor is there any way to make this information available to the public so it can be used for the betterment of the bluebird population in Florida.

Our goal is to help you help Florida’s bluebirds.

Your Mission:
Your help is needed in order for the Florida Bluebird Society to be effective in learning about the status of the bluebird population in Florida. Many people throughout Florida have erected bluebird houses. Your shared experiences – both the successes and the failures – will be of great interest to other bluebird enthusiasts, whether they have maintained nest boxes for many years or are just getting started and want to know the basics of being a bluebirder.

The information you provide will give us insights into the health of the bluebird population in Florida.