FBS Annual Meeting Replay

FBS Annual Meeting Webinar was held August 26, 2023. Presentations from the board were on Speed Monitoring and Improving Data Collection, 2023 Nesting Season Observations and Comparisons and the FBS 2024 Calendar Presentation. The virtual webinar meeting was recorded. Please view the recording here

Watch Live Nestbox Activity from 4 Nestboxes!

This season Florida Bluebird Society is pleased to be able to share the inside view from four active nestboxes,

Heritage Pines Bluebird Project in Hudson: Hope and Bob are the leaders on this project. They successfully streamed nesting activity last season. This year they have added an external camera so the activity inside and outside the nestbox can be observed ...

Spread the "BLUE" Word

Have you ever taken a walk through your neighborhood and observed a bluebird perched on a power line, possibly ready to swoop down and grab an insect? Then you wondered if they were taking that bug back to some little ones? But wait, you don’t know of anyone else in your neighborhood that has nest boxes. You would love to spread the word about the beautiful little Eastern bluebird, but don’t...

One Nestbox Bluebirds Like

See the attached plans for one nest box which has received the “stamp of approval” from Eastern Bluebirds in Clay County, FL. You can also click here to see a 3D view of the finished product. Use your computer “mouse” to rotate the house to see the sides, top and bottom. The 3-D view of the bluebird nest box was created by Kyle Lamirande, Boy Scout Troop 279, Jacksonville FL, as part...

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Dedicated to the conservation and protection of bluebirds and other federally protected cavity nesting bird species.

Our Mission
Conservation and Protection

The conservation and protection of bluebirds and other federally protected cavity nesting bird species in North America through educational programs and the collection and dissemination of pertinent and relevant information.

Because there is much general information available on bluebirds, the Florida Bluebird Society will…


Bird Emergency or Found a Baby Bird?

Generally, if you find a baby animal it is best to leave it alone. Often the animal is not orphaned and the parent may be out getting food. Never pick up baby animals and remove them from their natural environment.

Not sure what to do? Check for information on line, or call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. For a list…


The Eastern Bluebird

Welcome to the wonderful and delightful world of the Eastern Bluebird in Florida. The Eastern Bluebird, whose official Latin name is Sialia sialis, is a member of the Thrush family.

There are three species of bluebirds: Eastern, Mountain and Western.