Have you ever taken a walk through your neighborhood and observed a bluebird perched on a power line, possibly ready to swoop down and grab an insect? Then you wondered if they were taking that bug back to some little ones? But wait, you don’t know of anyone else in your neighborhood that has nest boxes. You would love to spread the word about the beautiful little Eastern bluebird, but don’t really know your neighbors, other than waving as they pass by.

Well, here’s a way to get to know your neighbors, and also help our little bluebirds. Send them one of our informative letters about the bluebirds in your neighborhood.

FBS has obtained permission from bluebirdnut.com to offer a version of the Neighborhood Letters created for their web site on our web site. There are two different letters. One lets the recipient know there are bluebirds in your neighborhood, and that you host them in your yard. It also explains that due to recommended distances between nest boxes, you are limited on the number of nest boxes you can put up in your yard. The letter offers, with your neighbor’s permission, the installation of a nest box in their yard and that you will monitor it for them. “Click here” to download the letter.

The second letter is very similar to the first, but offers to help them get started with their very own nesting boxes, and that you would be available to show them how to set up the box, and answer any questions or problems that may arise. You can find that version of the letter by “clicking here”.

I hope you find these letters helpful in spreading the word about our bluebirds.

The Florida Bluebird Society asks that you distribute these letters in a responsible manner, so as not to reflect negatively on the birding community, and FBS. Always go through the proper postal channels.

I hope these letters help you to make your neighborhood a Bluebird Neighborhood.

Best wishes.