Statewide Bluebird Blitz April 7-9


Participation is easy!

  • Choose a spot
  • Count the bluebirds
  • Send us a report

There are 3 ways to submit your sightings to us.

  1. Enter your data on a spreadsheet and email it to  [email protected]. Click here to download the spreadsheet.
  2. Click here to download and print a report form. Record your results on the downloaded form. Immediately after the Blitz either email the completed form to [email protected], or mail it to: Faith Jones, FBS Statewide Bluebird Blitz Chair, 763 Mallard Drive, Sanford Fl 32771.
  3. Enter you sightings at If you are a Cornell NestWatch participant, you will use the same login and password to access ebird.


  1. Gail Wilds

    East Orange County/Wedgefield
    We have had a box up for 5 nesting seasons here. 2009-2011 very productive pair,3 clutches with 6,6,and 5. Juveniles remained in area all season, especially females who would assist with box sitting.
    2012; New pair. Snake ate eggs. Moved box location and 2 clutches from different pair. At least 3/4 juveniles hung around all season.
    2013; 1 clutch then gave a box to neighbor and the Blue birds moved there??
    2014; 3 clutch, I usually don’t open box anymore because front opener not top. I believe 4 or so each clutch. Gave a box to another neighbor who lives 3 miles N and they had at least 2 clutches.
    2015; box active as of early Feb. We checked 4 weeks ago and 4 eggs. They hatched a week ago. Very loud at feedings. Parents acting crazy Sunday so I went to box and spotted large Rat Snake by pole. I threw snake towards woods and gave it a whack to scare off. Checked 3 times before evening looking for snake. No sign and parents settled down. Next morning, Monday April 5th I woke to Bluebird caious. Found same Rat Snake now in box. Yanked him out. It ate 3-4 babies. Nest fell out too. One terrified, just getting blue feathers remained. Very traumatized and crushed by snake and one egg.Needless to say I killed Rat Snake 4 foot because I knew it would go back and I already gave pass and payed.I am retired FPS Ranger. Hate killing anything. All yesterday parents spooked but occasionally feeding but not going in box. Checked late evening and lucky juvenile looked good considering. Today, parents seem more comfortable feeding and going in box for short durations. I don’t think they are sleeping in box and between feeding seem to be gone further maybe scouting New site but at least they are feeding survivor.
    Sorry so long catching you up. We have probably had 50 born and most years they stay all year even after we take box down usually in late August. Good habitat here; Messic Flatwoods and Oak Hammock. Our property 1.3 acres open grass/landscaping.
    Gail Wilds
    5810 Hampshire Ave Orlando, Fl. 32833
    [email protected]

  2. I grease the pole with Vaseline and spray insect spray around the base of the pole. it really helps with keeping snakes and ants away.

  3. Florida Bluebird Society

    Although the pole has to be “re-greased” periodically, the FBS has had reports that petroleum jelly works well to keep predators away from a nest box. The Florida Bluebird Society cannot endorse the use of pesticide near a nest box. Our mission includes the protection of bluebirds As bluebirds are insectivores, the consumption of insects killed or weakened by pesticide is detrimental to birds.

    The FBS does recommend the use of a predator guard to safeguard the nest box. Plans for a predator guard can be found on the FBS web site.

    There are also natural animal repellents that can be purchased. If you use diatomaceous earth, be sure to use “food grade” which can be safely sprinkled even inside a box.

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