This season Florida Bluebird Society is pleased to be able to share the inside view from four active nestboxes,

Heritage Pines Bluebird Project in Hudson: Hope and Bob are the leaders on this project. They successfully streamed nesting activity last season. This year they have added an external camera so the activity inside and outside the nestbox can be observed nearly simultaneously. Watch the livestream on YouTube at this Link

JoanneQ in Jacksonville: This is a new nestbox and a new camera in the same location as a previously used nestbox. The bluebird pair took right to the new nestbox and began nest building in early March. The first egg (of 5) was laid on March 14. Watch the live stream at this Link

Fern in Wesley Chapel: Fern was the landlord of our first nestbox camera in the nestbox of Lucy and Orville. At the time, Fern lived in Tampa. Since then, she has moved to Wesley Chapel. A bluebird nestbox was one of the first things Fern installed in her new yard. Almost immediately a pair of Eastern Bluebirds claimed the new nestbox. That was last year. A nestbox camera has now been added to that box  and you can watch all the activity at this Link

PRC#33 in Penney Farms: This is a new nestbox located approximately 100’ from the site of an old nestbox that had been used for a number of years. The new box was installed in early January. Within three days, a pair of Eastern Bluebirds, a pair of Carolina Chickadees, and a pair of Tufted Titmouses all checked it out. For the time being it appears the Tufted Titmouses will be the residents. They began nest building on March 12. Eggs are anticipated by March 23.
Watch the live stream from this nestbox at this Link

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