Fall Statewide Bluebird Blitz

FALL BLITZ Nov. 11 & 12

Please help with this important project to determine where bluebirds reside and find food during their non-breeding season.


Participation is EASY!

  • Choose a spot
  • Count the bluebirds
  • Send us a report

There are 3 ways to submit your sightings to us.

  1. Enter your data on a spreadsheet and email it to  [email protected]. Click here to download the spreadsheet.
  2. Click here to download and print a report form. Record your results on the downloaded form. Immediately after the Blitz either email the completed form to [email protected], or mail it to: Faith Jones, FBS Statewide Bluebird Blitz Chair, 763 Mallard Drive, Sanford Fl 32771.
  3. Enter you sightings at ebird.org. If you are a Cornell NestWatch participant, you will use the same login and password to access ebird.

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